Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are “THE MADS”?

Comedians Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff wrote and performed on the Emmy nominated, Peabody award-winning TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000.

You might remember seeing some cheesy B – grade films on TV with the silhouette of theater seats at the bottom of the screen and some goofy characters making wise cracks back at the movie. Riffing!

Yeah, that’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K as it is also known.

Trace played Mad Scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester, and Frank played his lovable bumbling evil henchman TV’s Frank.

Today Frank and Trace continue the tradition of MST3K style movie “riffing” LIVE.  Its pretty simple: two guys armed with microphones, a boat load of jokes, a less than good movie, and you, the audience.


What Can I Expect At Your Shows?

We don’t have VIP-level pricing.  We feel that if YOU have purchased a ticket to our show, YOU ARE ALREADY A VIP.

We like meeting our friends, and when we are able, we love to chat, take photos and sign stuff for you. We try and do a bit of it before our shows, and we will stay around as long as possible after our show as well.

This is also an opportunity for you to check out our merchandise table.  We have books, prints, the occasional poster and sometimes even t-shirts.  Limited quantities, of course.

After the film, we do a brief Question and Answer session, and you are free to ask us anything you would like. Really. Try us. We are not afraid.


Will You Play A Theater Near Me?

Yes, we would love to! We welcome your venue suggestions and ideas.  Many of our bookings have come through our loyal friends and fans.

If you have a venue suggestion that fits the bill (see our venue requirements below), please post it on our Facebook page or e-mail us at or


What Kinds of Venues Do You Play?

The ideal venues for The Mads live riffing show have been 100-400 seat theaters that embrace independent cinema and unique, live film/comedy events.

A big screen is more important than a big stage for this show.  It’s up to the venue to decide if there is a large enough fan base in their market to have a successful show.


Are You Rifftrax?

No.  No we are not, but we have performed with the Rifftrax crew – our friends and fellow MST3K alumni Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy – at the RiffTrax LIVE MST3K Reunion Show in July of 2016.
Check out their work here.


Are You Cinematic Titanic?

We were that thing, yes. Cinematic Titanic was a live movie riffing show comprised of MST3K alumni Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, Mary Jo Pehl, J. Elvis Weinstein, Joel Hodgson, plus our good friend Dave (Gruber) Allen, but CT’s live tour ended in 2013.

We produced 12 riffed movies on DVD – four in studio and eight live shows captured on the road.

Our good friends at Shout Factory will be handling Cinematic Titanic titles from now on, so you can be assured to get your CT fix very soon.


Where can I watch the original MST3K?

If you would like to purchase the shows, check out the vast selection that Shout Factory has been putting out for years.



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