The Mads in St. Louis!

Hey Missouri friends! Trace and Frank will be playing two shows (7:00pm and 10:00pm) and hosting their riff-writing workshop (12:00pm) on December 12th at the Ivory Theatre in St. Louis! To read more about it, check out our article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This show is super important because it will work a little differently than ones we’ve done in the past. Instead of getting our paycheck from the venues, we’ve taken a risk and had them personally rented out of pocket in the hopes that ticket sales alone are enough to make a profit (after our hotel, airfare, etc. have been paid for). If this show is a success, we’ll be able to play more rental venues in the future, which blows open the possibility of playing many more towns (maybe including yours!). So tell your friends, your dog, your dog’s friends, your dog’s fleas, and everybody to be at the Ivory on December 12th.

Thanks to Tom O’Keefe for setting everything up, and the incredible work he did for us while we were Cinematic Titanic.

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  1. Joe M

    Nice website!

    I saw 2 of these shows so far. There are a few ways to get your MST3K fix these days but this has by far been my favorite!

  2. Steven N

    Any plans to come East.. specifically Boston area??

    1. Zoe Plait

      We’ve got several potential venues lined up in just about every part of the country. No guarantees yet that they’ll pull through, but we’re working on it!

    2. Zoe Plait

      Nothing solid, but Boston’s on our list.

      1. Veronica Fish

        OOh I hope this happens! Was so bummed we missed them in Springfield in June – can’t wait for them to be in the New England area again

        It was nice meeting them in Minneapolis – and you too Zoe!

        1. Zoe Plait

          We plan on coming back to New England for sure. It was lovely meeting you too!

  3. Joyce

    Chicago? Please? We really miss those live CT shows.

    1. Zoe Plait

      We were in Chicago last October and we’d love to come back. We’re working on making it happen right now. Keep an ear out.

  4. Victor F Ruzicka

    The Frauenthal Theater in Muskegon, Michigan, would be a great venue!


    1. Zoe Plait

      Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll look into it.

      1. Conan Gibbs

        I’ll second the Frauenthal Theater in Muskegon, MI. It’s my wife’s hometown, and I’d make a special trip to see the Mads!

        1. Zoe Plait

          Definitely have to give that one a peek then. Thanks!

  5. Terry Van Arsdale

    There are a lot of Mysty fans back east that would love to see The Mads. Saw them several years ago in Princeton when they were were in Cinematic Titanic. The State Theater in Easton PA is a very nice venue. Also the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown NJ is very nice.

  6. John D

    The Screening Room or The Loft in Tucson would be an excellent location. Huge MST3K fanbase in town, indie theaters.

  7. Bob Church

    I caught the show in Columbus Ohio last night, Thursday July 13th and it was even better than I would have expected. It was really good. I had yet to see Glen and Glenda but I thought I knew the movie from all the clips that get used over the years. But no, I knew nothing. There’s is a lot of bizarre stuff going on in there.
    I can sum it up in one word. Damn!


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